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Posted: October 30, 2019

Outgoing Invermere CAO advises ‘stay the course’

By Stephanie Stevens

It is all about the ish factor.

At the close of the regular scheduled meeting of the District of Invermere (DOI) Oct. 22, Mayor Al Miller took a moment to point out that it was the last meeting for Chris Prosser.

Prosser (pictured above) has been the DOI’s Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) for “15-ish” years, and it was a bittersweet moment for Miller, both wishing Prosser the best of luck in his new position in High River, Alberta and having to say goodbye to a longtime colleague.

“His communication and planning skills have really helped us out over the years, as has his understanding of the charter and keeping us all on track,” Miller said. He added having so many years with the DOI, first as planner for five years and then as CAO for 15, created a longevity and a true understanding of the community and its wants and needs.

Prosser said it has “been a pleasure,” noting he has worked with several mayors over the course of his tenure here: Chuck Blanchard, Mark Shmigelsky, Gerry Taft and Miller himself, when Miller was a councillor as well as now mayor.

He also thanked the community, for all their input over the years, ideas given at meetings and “just so many things.”

His outgoing message was simple: Don’t change your plans every five years just because you have to change your plans every five years, referring to councils often setting new priorities with each incoming council.

“Some plans we made back in 1999, and now they are coming to fruition,” said Prosser. “Stay the course.

“It has been a great time, a great ride. And it is bittersweet, but sometimes change is good. We will visit a lot, and my kids will always be Invermere kids.”


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