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Posted: June 13, 2014

Fernie IPPCLI hosted 50th annual review

MG Cadets Dan KruschenskaRoyal Canadian Army Cadets Corps (IPPCLI) of Fernie held its 50th annual Cadet Review on June 7.

The event was held at the Fernie Arena before parents, grandparents, family and friends as well as David Black from the Royal Canadian Legion, Mayor Mary Giuliano City of Fernie, Capt. Michael Blackwell RCSU, Annabel Stewart chair of the Sponsorship Committee, Sgt. Will Thien of the Elk Valley RCMP, Lieutenant Dave Kurschenska of the Fernie Fire Department, and Steve Droste of Joy Global.

Also on hand were Commanding Officer Captain Peaches Pennock, Administration Officer Lt. Deneen Ganter, Training and Supply Officer CI Dan Kurschenska, and Support Services Mr. Kim Ward and Mr. Kevin Cullen.

MG CadetsThe Reviewing Officer was Captain James M.P. Cressall of Edmonton Alberta. Captain Cressall joined the Forces in 2006 and has worked with NATO Training Mission in Kabul and since returning has held various positions with the Battalion and most recent assisted with support of flood relief efforts in High River, Alta.

Inspection of Cadets was conducted by Captain Cressall with several of the invited guests with Marches and Demonstrations of Range and Rifle Drill by the Cadets.

MG Cadets1Captain Cressall said that he was very impressed with the Cadets performance and on knowing that the Cadet movement in Fernie was celebrating a 50th anniversary, said, “This is an important milestone, 50 is huge. It’s incredible all the hard work year round that you do.”

As mayor I congratulated the Cadets and presented each one with a city pin.

Thanks were expressed by the Cadets to the Legion, Ladies Auxiliary, City of Fernie, Lions Club, PJB Crane, Fernie Fire Department, Home Hardware Building and others.

MG Cadets2LA president Bev Mandel presented the Cadets with a $1,000 cheque from the Legion Auxiliary to help the Cadets attend a 100th anniversary event in Edmonton where Captain Cressall is stationed.

Awards presented are; Royal Canadian Legion Cadet Medal of Excellence to WO Sawyer Ward Excellence. Lord Strathcona Medal toWO Alias Engelhardt. Green Star Cadet to L/Cpl. Elizabeth Pater. Red Star Cadet to Cpl. Juliana Pater. Silver Star Cadet to Sgt. Christopher Tussa. Most Improved Cadet to M/Cpl. Zachary Watson. Best Shot Award to M/Cpl. India Stewart. CO’s Award for Dress and Deportment    to M/Cpl. Anthony Milligan.

MG Cadets4Cadets on Parade: India Stewart, Zachary Watson, M/Cpl. Robert Angus, Anthony Milligan, M/Cpl. Turner Loewen, M/Cpl.Colton Skead, Juliana Pater, Elizabeth Pater.

Parade Position: Parade Commander WO Alias Engelhardt

Platoon Commander: WO Sawyer Ward

Platoon Sergeant: Sgt. Christopher Tuusa

Demonstrations: Range/Biatholon Team- Sgt. Christopher Tuusa, M/Cpl. Turner Loewen, M/Cpl. Zachary Watson, L/Cpl. Elizabeth Pater.

As was said several times this program couldn’t exist without the assistance of volunteers like Dan Kurschenska who has been involved for 20 years as well as Peaches Pennock, Deneen Ganter, Annabel Stewart, Kevin Cullen, Kim Ward, parents and sponsoring individuals and organizations.

Courtesy Mary Giuliano

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