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Posted: January 13, 2013

Viewing life through wellness glasses

By Carol Gordon

“To have a strong attitude of Wellness means to view life through wellness glasses.”(see An Attitude of  Wellness , December 9, 2012).

By viewing life as if we are wearing a pair of ‘wellness’ glasses, we are making our health and well-being high priority in our daily lives, and are not waiting until we are ill or have some life threatening health challenge to wake us up to wellness.

Those wellness glasses give us an opportunity to become increasingly aware of what is going on in our body and how we are feeling. They can lead us to asking such questions as: How do we feel when we get a lot of sleep?  When we get very little sleep?  When we go to bed at an early hour?  When we go to bed at a later hour?

What affect do different foods that we eat and beverages that we drink have on our energy, our ability to concentrate, our ability to feel good?

How do we feel mentally and physically when we exercise? When we don’t?

Do we notice a difference in our body when we drink tap water versus filtered water?

What is that little ‘gut feeling,’ that ‘intuitive sense’ we get sometimes trying to tell us?

Most importantly, what do we do with the answers we get when we ask ourselves these questions? Do we ignore them or do we allow them to influence our actions?

Carol Gordon is a wellness consultant, writer/photographer, artist and entrepreneur. She has called the Columbia Valley her home part-time since 1981 and full-time since 1999.

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