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Posted: May 21, 2019

Food Business Accelerator Pilot being launched

Farm Kitchen is a commissary kitchen available for hourly rental. It is a space for entrepreneurs to test business ideas and scale up production without the financial burden of setting up a commercial kitchen of their own.

With the launch of the Food Business Accelerator Pilot Project we will be fostering a culture that further supports the local food system and food focused entrepreneurs. Together we can increase our local food system, get more local food out there and create economic development opportunities.

As reported by our users, the kitchen is a great working space. However, having amazing products and a great kitchen space does not necessarily lead to successful businesses.

The pilot project will support food entrepreneurs outside of the kitchen with both business development skills and networking opportunities that will encourage a supportive community of like-minded food producers.

This project will provide participants with eight weeks of training, coaching and support to grow and expand food businesses. These hands-on skills, taught by industry leaders and experts, will help entrepreneurs take their business from passion-project to something more.

This Accelerator pilot will teach topics such as Product Development, Production, Packaging, Food Safety, Regulations, Buyer Requirements, Marketing, Pricing, Reputation Management, Distribution, Sales Skills, Promotions, Domestic and Export Opportunities, E-Commerce, and Social Media. The project will also enrich and strengthen collaboration among local food entrepreneurs through networking events.

The program will provide entrepreneurs with community engagement opportunities to share, promote and market their business and products.

“The community in Cranbrook already has a great entrepreneur spirit. This project will help bolster and grow this community with an emphasis on food-focused entrepreneurs,” said project manager Sophie Larsen.

As part of this Accelerator project participants will be provided with hours of kitchen and co-working office space.

The first networking event will take place in June and applications for the Accelerator program will be available shortly, with delivery commencing in September.

For more information visit www.farmkitchenconnect.ca or connect with Farm Kitchen on social media. We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia in making this project happen.

Farm Kitchen is a social enterprise of Community Connections Society of Southeast BC

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