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Posted: May 7, 2017

Get to know your CR-R candidates

Meet your candidates in the Columbia River–Revelstoke riding, one-on-one and at your convenience.

‘Berley Times, Kimberley’s on-line television channel, produced in-depth interviews with four of the candidates in our riding: Independent Justin Hooles; Green Party Samson Boyer; BC NDP Gerry Taft and BC Liberal Doug Clovechok.

(Our apologies to independent candidate Duncan MacLeod and Libertarian Rylan Kashuba who filed after plans to do these video specials and could not be included to meet filming/production schedule.)

“Unlike the usual all-candidate debates that generally only allow for a minute or two of response, engaging each of these individuals in 20 minute conversations encourages each to go much deeper into the issues,” said Paula Gordon, ‘Berley Times’ co-host for the program.

Ian Cobb, editor/owner of e-KNOW, a leading B.C. on-line local news source, is the other co-host.

Both agreed, “Having a genuine conversation with each candidate really offers a meaningful idea of the candidates — who they are and what they stand for.”

“We feel that this is an important election and we want to make sure that the content is available to the entire Columbia River-Revelstoke community,” said executive producer, Bill Russell. “So we are especially pleased to make the interviews available through a wide variety of internet web sites.”

The programming can be seen or heard on the following:

‘Berley Times:


CROC radio:

‘Berley Times

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